Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Project 2 progress critique

We did a group critique for project 2 chimeras,
changes I plan to make:

Scan my face so that the face is my own
think about the environment my figure lives in and create a scene
make sure the pieces merge together so that they look more natural

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Project 1 Post: The Crystal Ring Popper

My initial idea was to create festival jewelry with a self defense twist on it. So many woman walk around feeling unsafe and to be able to have a beautiful ring that also functions as a weapon would serve as a source of comfort. At first I had a simple geometric circle design but after more research I decided to do a crystal formation. I feel that it looks organic as well as aesthetically pleasing. When you first look at it you might not think that this is meant for self defense. The tips are very pointy and the tallest structure protrudes enough to do some damage.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

week 4 update

I went down to Sea3d and was able to see that amazing lab and I am happy to know that that is resource for me. We were able to learn about what they have there and some of the processes and how to schedule a print with them. We even got to witness Thomas be scanned into a 3D rendering which was fascinating. We did a small critique of others projects and tried to look more deeply at them than just their outward appearance. One that I connected with is the fingernail ring that also functions as a self defense tool. My project also has a self defense aspect to it. Mine is meant to be a strange and different ring than one would wear on a daily basis, but also have the function to use in self defense if the need should arise.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

week 3 updates

printed my draft file for the larva ring, the part that goes around the finger was much too thin and didn't print very well, but did fit my finger, slightly uncomfortably. Thomas printed a larger size which did not fit my fingers but was much sturdier and better quality. I sanded the prototypes and learned about the techniques for that. I decided to make the ring part thicker so in my newest file I made it 3mm thick and 3 mm wide and kept the design on top the same.

new file
old file

Thursday, January 24, 2019

reading response

Makerbot and Minecraft:
I love minecraft so this was an interesting video for me to watch. I have played in creative mode because I enjoy the unlimited resources and possibilities, Comparing this to 3D printing is interesting and I feel that in the future will be even more similar. If you make something out of the 3D printed material, say a figurine, and then one day melt that down and use the material to make a different figurine, I could see that being a viable option in the future to save resources.

Now Anyone Can Print Art:
This concept is amazing to me that we can have classic sculptures recreated in the palm of our hands. Independent artists printing and distributing their own 3D creations is something that interests me and would be something that I would look into for myself in the future, I am just beginning in the 3D modeling programs and am interested in continuing my exploration.
The article explored wearable art which is interesting to see if a 3D printed fabric can be more than just a chain mail type of fabric. The first project is wearable art for us which is something very interesting to me.

3D Printing and Social Change: Just reading the title I had a reaction and immediately thought about a news article I read about a 3D printed gun. This is definitely on the topic of social change. The article doesn't go on to bring up any mention of a gun per se but it does mention the issue of printing an illegal object, a weapon being an example and the problems that could arise from that. I also hadn't initially thought about that "intellectual property" aspect of 3D printing but once the point was brought up I totally should have thought about it. You can print anything , anyones design, and recreate it, which in some cases, could be considered unethical.

Artist Presentation